Daniel Jarrousse

Daniel Jarrousse

Hometown: Bilston (near Birmingham)

Dan’s philosophy is that beauty makes the world go round and he revolves his life around the motto "All About Aesthetics". 

He is often mistaken for being gay because of his strict beauty regime which consists of eyelash tinting, spray on foundation, waxing every crevice on his body and wearing tight ladies vests. 

Dan's theory is that women can wear make-up and have beauty treatments to enhance their features, so why can't men? 

With the nickname Protein Boy - he drinks up to seven protein shakes a day - Dan reckons everyone is jealous of him and his body, and he visits the gym at least once every day. 

He also regularly enters himself into physique and body-building competitions. 

Dan says: "I want girls to want to marry me and lads to want to be me!" For now though, he's single.

Dan joined Beauty School Copouts because he's interested in hairdressing. He wanted to pursue it at college, but was too scared that everyone would think he was gay, so he chose tattooing instead.

After working in a tattoo shop for three months, he grew impatient because he wasn't allowed to tattoo people yet, so he quit.  

Dan gained one thing from his short career in tattooing though - his ex-girlfriend's name is inked on his hand!