Hometown: Dublin

Jeremy is a lady's man with a beauty regime to match.

He gets a weekly manicure and haircut to make sure he always looks good, as well as getting his eyebrows threaded, regular tans and he even owns a powder compact.

Looking good is his number one priority - and he puts it to good use by modelling part time. 

After leaving school at 17, Jeremy hoped to become a professional footballer. But his love of partying and his ex-girlfriend meant that dream never came true.

He still trains often though, which accounts for his buff body. 

Jeremy says his pet peeve is people who are stuck up, power crazy and judgemental. He also hates feet, and giving someone a pedicure would be his worst nightmare. But he says he would be happy give a bloke a back, sack and crack wax!

Jeremy has joined Beauty School Copouts because he knows he can't model forever, and wants to reap the rewards of all the money he spends on beauty treatments himself.

Plus he needs to find a new stomping ground - as he says he's slept with all the models in Ireland.