Hometown: Pontypridd

Richard 's biggest fear in life is getting old and wrinkly!

He takes great pride in looking after his body by sticking to a strict diet if rice, porridge, chicken and eggs, as he states: "My body is my temple".

Richard spends most of the time in the gym, fake tanning or getting his eyebrows done, while the rest of his time is spent cleaning and organising as he has a bad case of OCD!

He decided to join Beauty School Copouts because he wants to provide a beauty service to other men so they don't need to feel embarassed at being treated by a woman. 

He also wants to offer men the chance to "get a trim at the gym", as his ambition is to open a barbershop at the place where he works out.

In particular, he wants to sort out men's bushy eyebrows!

Richard may have a metrosexual side, but he is 100% straight and 120% womaniser. But he still thinks of himself as a mummy's boy and loves his rescue cat Lilly. 

Richard wants to pursue tattooing in Beauty School Copouts. He is pretty inked up already, but is keen to let the rest of the cast ink him up even more!