Charlotte-Letitia Crosby, 22

Geordie Shore | Season 4 Cast

Famously labeled as fellow Geordie superstar Cheryl Cole’s favourite, Charlotte loves to be the centre of attention and describes herself as ‘fun, loveable, ditzy and laid back.’

Charlotte only has two weaknesses - scoffing on kebabs after a night of partying and her on/off romance with Gaz , keeping viewers gripped as the will they won’t / they saga tugs at hearts nationwide.  In Cancun loveable Charlotte managed to avoid her favorite Geordie root vegetable but will she be able to do the same in Series 4?


As she enters the house we see Charlotte crank it up a notch, as she flirts outrageously with new boy Dan in the hot tub – and then brings her new boyfriend to Vicky and Ricci’s engagement party.  But all the while she admits that her love for Gaz is ‘like a scab that won’t go away.’

Like the rest of the Geordie Shore cast, Charlotte isn’t shy and is known for wearing her heart on her sleeve. Charlotte doesn’t really care what people think about her - she only cares what her parents think. They even all watch the show together over a bottle of wine (although sometimes they do fast forward the rude bits).

Charlotte reckons that she doesn’t ever really go out on the pull as she’s not good at chatting up lads, but will matters of the heart swing in her favour this series?