Gary Beadle, 25

Geordie Shore | Season 4 Cast

Until now, Gaz has ruled the roost as the self confessed Mr Lover Lover of the crew. But series 4 sees the competition hot up as new beefcake on the block, Scott, gives him a run for his money.

Putting paid to the theory ‘if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em’, Gaz is quick to spot the golden opportunity and wastes no time hooking up with Scott as his ultimate pulling partner. The Dream Team is born.


Gaz has always prided himself on being ‘mint in bed’ and he’s on a mission to make sure that he’s the best lover all his conquests have ever slept with. This Geordie pulling machine is very proud of the size of his package - Charlotte named his impressive manhood “The Parsnip”, and seemed unable to resist its lure. Sadly, this lothario doesn’t do relationships, much to the dismay of his on/off love interest Charlotte. But, this series, Charlotte has a few tricks up her sleeve and Gaz uncharacteristically begins to lose his cool. Could this mean he’s finally beginning to realise Charlotte is the one?

Like all the housemates, image is everything to Gaz. He works hard on perfecting his appearance - hitting the gym up to five times a week to work on sculpting his muscles. When it comes to the women he fancies, he prefers a more natural look. He likes to wake up next to a girl who looks as pretty the morning after as she did the night before. However, he’d never snog a girl like TOWIE’s Chloe Sims because she’s too fake.