Holly Hagan, 20

Geordie Shore | Season 4 Cast

It’s fair to say the flame-haired Holly has caused a lot of drama since the very beginning of Geordie Shore.

Known for partying and being the centre of attention, Holly recently shed three stone and dropped from a size 16 to a svelte size 10, with her prize assets reducing from a 32FF to a DD. 


Last series, Holly was determined to move things along with James, declaring: ‘There’s no doubt he wants a bit of the fairy. It’s mission leg-over the comb-over then it’s game over.’ But the path of true love runs far from smooth and it’s only after she reverts to her dedicated post as nurse that sickly patient, James, finally rewards her by giving in.

Series four sees nurse Holly give new boy Scott some intensive care, which doesn’t go unnoticed by Ricci who predicts: ‘You two are blatantly gonna buck.’

 Ever the life and soul, Holly’s party trick is to down shots out of a glass held in between her cleavage. She says her friends would affectionately describe her as a slag, but she just sees herself as confident and carefree. Post weight loss, Holly has spoken about how difficult she found his increased interest in her explaining; ‘The lads in Geordie Shore just judge people for their looks. Well, I’m not perfect, and I never will be.’

Holly jokes that she’s grown as a person after toning down her beauty regime – she has cut back on wearing nine pairs of lashes for a night out on the town – to just one. Holly also hopes that she’s learned from the mistakes she made, although she doesn’t care what the public think of her. She hasn’t entirely grown up though, as Holly admits that she is one of the messiest people in the Geordie Shore house.