James Tindale, 22

Geordie Shore | Season 4 Cast

Claiming to suffer from at least two hangovers a day in Mexico, hopelessly clumsy James left viewers in no doubt of his accident prone ways when he wound up in a wheelchair in the last series, after trying his hand at Mexican wrestling. 

In Gaz’s words: “It was the worst thing I’ve ever seen – his knee was the other side of his f***ing leg.”


Famed for his signature comb-over and for pulling ‘worldies’, it’s fair to say the hobbling hunk had a bit of trouble getting his leg over last series. Which didn’t go unnoticed by Holly who, with her sunny bedside manner, jumped at the opportunity to nurse him back to health declaring: “He can’t move, so this is my chance.”

A good-time guy, James describes himself as funny, cheeky, vain and handsome. He sees himself as a well-dressed lad-about-town who’s got good banter with the ladies, but doesn’t want to be tied down to a relationship. After continued fumblings with nurse Holly in steamy Cancun last series, where is the on/off romance headed now their back in Newcastle?

James admits that he takes too long to get ready for a night out, and he’s so obsessed with his looks that he can’t walk past a reflective surface without checking himself out. If he’s not partying, you’ll probably find James in the gym working on his six-pack – he aims to spend at least fourteen hours a week working out .