Jay Gardner

Geordie Shore | Season 3 | Jay Gallery

Jay’s a self-declared vain, materialistic, fun-loving party monster, who loves nothing more than showing off his gym buff body on nights out. You’re more likely to see him with his shirt off than on – which is all the better for pulling the ladies.

Now with a long-term girlfriend, the self-proclaimed ladies man seems to have finally committed to just one Newcastle lass. How will he cope being 5,000 miles away from his girl, and will he be able to resist the local chicas in Cancun?


Jay reckons that the new series of Geordie Shore will be bigger and better, but he’s not worried about what the public think of him, as he knows he’s not a bad person.

Jay says that being part of Geordie Shore is the best thing ever, but freely admits that he’s insanely anal about tidiness (no, we’re not sure how he survives in the Geordie Shore house either) and that the girls’ messiness drives him crazy.

The worst thing? Finding pairs of knickers lying around. We’re not going to ask how they got there.

A former surveyor, university educated Jay’s biggest regret in life is giving up on a possible career as a footballer when he started getting into drinking. As for the future, he’d love to be an actor or a TV talent show judge.