Rebecca Walker

Geordie Shore | Season 3 | Rebecca Gallery

Feisty Geordie newbie  Rebecca is a single lass who’s all about having fun and frolics with her girlie mates. “Chicks before d***s” is her motto (oh, feisty!) and with the help of her friends, is bringing girl power back with vengeance.

Having created quite a stir when joining the house in Series two, Rebecca initially struggled to fit in, getting on better with the lads.

Clashing with Vicky on a number of occasions, will the pair be better friends once they jet off to paradise? And will the party trip of a lifetime bring the girls together?


When it comes to men, Rebecca says she needs to be chased and she has a checklist for any man who wants to date her. As well as working, driving and dressing well, she thinks a man needs to have good teeth and be taller than her, and of course he has to treat her well.

She can’t stand it when men play girls off against each other, but she also hates it when girls go after someone else’s ex!

Rebecca can speedily transform herself (eyelashes, tan, hair extensions and lip gloss) for a night out, in just under an hour, leaving her fellow housemates rushing around (boys included) as she enjoys a drink whilst waiting for them. 

Rebecca loves her boobs and generally is fascinated by others, especially Holly’s. Naturally, Rebecca has to top up her fake tan before a big night out (well, this is Geordie Shore), and she never leaves the house without taking ‘selfies’ - pictures of herself.

Rebecca has many pet hates, you better take note if you don’t want to annoy her...These include people who can’t eat properly, people who slurp their tea and people who ask constant questions while she’s watching telly. Rebecca also finds it infuriating when people turn over the radio while she’s driving. Oh, and she can’t stand the Go Compare ads.

As for the other housemates’ annoying habits, Rebecca’s blabbed that Charlotte and James snore and that Gary talks in his sleep.