Ricci Guarnaccio, 26

Geordie Shore | Season 4 Cast

Terracotta tanned, Italian stallion, Ricci, is well placed to offer some words of wisdom to the newest recruits, having been in newbie shoes himself when he joined in series 2.

Charming and uber-confident, the North-East’s cheekiest export can’t speak a word of his native Italian tongue, but he certainly knows what to do with it.


After quickly setting his sights on the feisty Vicky, the two embarked on a passionate and stormy romance which saw Vicky slap him in the face after an angry spat. Much to the shock of the others, this did nothing to alleviate his affections and Ricci achieved a series first, by dramatically proposing to Vicky in the series finale claiming: ‘I’ve never been more sure that I want to spend the rest of my life with Vicky.’ And she tearfully accepted. But back on the hallowed turf of Newcastle – will the sweet smell of roses sour to the stench of stale kebab for love’s young dream?

Party boy Ricci confesses he’s a bit of a lightweight – and he gets noticed wherever he goes, but usually because he’s got his shirt off. He sometimes works as a topless host but only for the attention, not the cash.

Despite describing himself as a cocky, vain, “cheeky chappy”, Ricci has got a sensitive side, too. He’s a mummy’s boy, and loves to treat his number one lady with expensive gifts. She loves to spoil him too – during the two years he lived in London, his mum would visit once a fortnight just to do his laundry.