Vicky Pattinson, 25

Geordie Shore | Season 4 Cast

Strong and feisty, Vicky won’t take any nonsense from anyone.
However, you don’t want to get on the wrong side of this fiery Geordie – Vicky freely admits that she’s got a bad temper and won’t suffer fools gladly.

She says that everyone in the house has a strong personality, and that no one would ever tolerate being pushed around by another housemate. Although, she doesn’t like being told what to do by anyone – she promises the volcano is still bubbling under the surface. 


Vicky’s biggest fans are her parents, who watch and record all Geordie Shore episodes, although Vicky reckons they watch so that they can see what she really gets up to when she’s out. She’s very close to her family and Vicky admits that if she ever becomes properly famous, she’d use her status to help the charity her mum works for. Vicky prides herself on being 100% real on the show and hopes to be a positive role model for girls watching. She also cares about her image, and can often be found in the gym or out shopping.

Still on a high from her shock proposal in the hot tropics of Cancun,it’s back to reality as the crew return to Newcastle. Will love’s young dream continue into the sunset of a happy ever after? Or will the 
daily grind prove to be a passion killer?