Aron Williams

The Valleys | Aron

Age: 19
Occupation: Leisure centre assistant and student
Hometown: Tredegar

Don’t be fooled by Aron’s cute baby face – this boy kicks butt, literally. He’s a three-time world champion kick boxer whose ambition in life is to make a career for himself in the sport.


Aron dreams of making money from his talent by staging kickboxing events, “You need money in life,” he says matter-of-factly, “and promoting is where the big money can be made.” After finishing school, Aron had the opportunity to go to America and pursue fighting in the UFC, but it wasn’t his thing… so America’s loss is The Valleys’ gain. Hoorah!

While he admits life in The Valleys can be a little dull, he loves his hometown and living at home with his parents, rugby-playing brother and academic sister. He hopes a fulltime move to Cardiff will mean fitter girls, brighter career prospects and new friends.

The ladies will love Aron, “I like getting tanned and pumped up at the gym,” he admits. Which explains why he isn’t shy about showing off his body, he has no problem with taking his top off to impress the girls and at night time he will pull out his party trick and wiggle his bum cheeks for all to see – small ego not so much.

Like all the boys on The Valleys, Aron has no trouble when it comes to pulling. “The other week I went out three nights in a row and shagged a different girl each night.”

But he’s not worried about his parent’s seeing him doing anything naughty, “I’m quite open with my family,” he reveals. “We’re really close and anything that happens in my life I tell my family, I don’t keep anything from them.” Well, you certainly won’t be able to now. Playboy Aron does have a softer side though “I got my heart broken at 13 - I’ve avoided love since.” All together now ahhhhhhh…

Bonus fact! Aron has another secret ambition – he fancies himself as the next Jean Claude Van Damme and would love to star in action film.