Carley Belmonte

The Valleys | Carley

Age: 21
Occupation: Call centre senior manager
Hometown: Caerphilly

Rosé wine-guzzling party girl Carley wants to swap life working in a boring call centre for the chance to do something that she thinks she’d excel in, and that’s promotions.


Carley says that The Valleys is totally different to other Reality TV shows because all the housemates have ambition, “We’re not just a group of people who go out and get drunk, we’re people who have life ambitions and we’re all really driven, we pull together and back each other,” she says. “I never thought I’d end up in this position and it just shows you can do anything if you believe.”

This Valley sweetheart describes herself as, “bubbly and loud and out there”. However, she confesses that she can also be “straight to the point.” We think that’s code for ‘doesn’t take any crap’.

She’s not worried about her friends and family seeing her misbehave on TV - “I am who I am,” she says, “They won’t watch if they don’t want to see it.” 

The least high-maintenance of the Valleys cast, this girl-next-door can often be seen make up free(!) and can get ready for a big night out in under an hour, that’s quicker than most of the boys. Very much one of the lads, the other girls’ princess like behaviour will not go down well with her.

Carley is very close with her three best mates – they even text each other when they first wake up in the morning. As for boys, Carley has just come out of a five-year relationship; she started seeing her cheating ex at the age of sixteen and has only recently felt ready to start dating again.

City life in Cardiff has changed Carley for the better, “My ideal man has now changed from someone walking out the job centre with a can of beer and wearing a trackie, to a nice hot man in a suit – the difference in talent is huge,” she laughs.

Of course, she realises that the show will be a massive opportunity, and the show has given her the confidence to think that she could also have a future working as TV presenter; she would love to follow in the footsteps of Holly Willoughby.