Darren Chidgey

The Valleys | Chigdey

Age: 25
Occupation: Bricklayer
Hometown: Bridgend

Ladies’ man Darren – or Chidgey as everyone calls him – has an ego as big as his muscles. He rates himself as a ten out of ten and says that girls are always fighting over him.


This wannabe male model oozes confidence and anticipates being a hit with female viewers, “I’m not being big headed,” he says, “but I’m a good looking boy and I’ve got a good body.”

Chidgey thinks people will become “addicted” to the show (we agree, of course), and already thinks that he won’t be able to walk around Cardiff without being noticed. “I get a lot of attention off people as it is,” he admits.

He may seem cocky, but Chidgey confesses that working on The Valleys has given him the self-belief that he needed to pursue a career in modelling and quit bricklaying, “Leaving my old work behind was a big thing. I want to be successful - I don’t want to be a nobody, I want to be a somebody,” he says.

His ultimate goal now is to do a shoot for Calvin Klein, “That would be a dream for me,” he admits.

As the black sheep of his family, Chidgey wants to impress his conservative parents and his grandparents (who adore his doctor cousin), “I want to make a success of myself so I can rub it in my Nan and Gramps’ face,” he admits.

This lad-about-town doesn’t have any trouble pulling - he admits to having had sex in a Portaloo, a taxi, and even at the bar of a club! 

But will this Valleys Casanova have as much luck in Cardiff and will his success with women follow him into the house?