Lateysha Grace

The Valleys | Lateysha

Age: 19
Occupation: Accounts administrator 
Hometown: Port Talbot

Move over Katie Price. Lateysha is coming to steal your glamour model-turned-business woman crown. All while looking as gorgeous as Beyonce, who people mistake her for all the time!


Lateysha is a self-confessed diva who dreams of a life of fame and fortune. She reckons that anyone who says they’re on The Valleys and is not interested in being a celebrity is a liar. This ambitious teenager has grand plans to exploit her impending fame - Lateysha brand hair extensions, clothes and make-up all coming soon if she has her way...

Lateysha has had several jobs since getting kicked out of college for being caught giving another student a lap dance. She’s worked as a hairdresser, lasted six months in a beauty apprenticeship, and now works as an accounts administrator at a solicitors office.

Quiet, valley life is not for Lateysha and she wants to prove to everyone that she can make something of herself.

As for relationships, Lateysha goes into the house dating Ryan – they’ve been together since they were 14 and he is totally in love with her, funding her WAG lifestyle. But will their relationship be more off than on once she claps eyes on her sexy house mates?

Lateysha loved living the high life in Cardiff during filming, but she’s not so sure that her “mega strict” mother will enjoy watching the show. “She always tells me before I go out ‘don’t kiss any boys’. That’s all I do when I go out – I kiss boys and girls too, she’s not going to be happy,” she laughs.

Watch out world, Lateysha is coming!