Leeroy Reed

The Valleys | Leeroy

Age: 21
Occupation: Labourer 
Hometown: Bridgend

Get ready to meet Wales’ next (or should that be first?) urban music sensation. Leeroy is all about his music and wants to use The Valleys to get himself heard.


This ladies’ man had a tough start in life having grown up in care, but Leeroy is  determined to make a name for himself through his music, “It’s not about being rich, it’s not about being famous, it about being a someone,” he says. “I want to get as far as I can with my music, and the show can open loads of doors.”

Hopefully this will mean being able to move out of Bridgend and leave his bad boy past behind him to start a new chapter of his life.

Describing himself as an Alpha male (“I would be The Boss, The Leader, The God,” he brags), Leeroy admits his experiences on The Valleys has given him the extra bit of self-confidence needed to pursue his dreams, “The show has made me believe in myself even more, they put me in a position where I’m thinking I can actually do this now,” he confesses.

With all this bravado he does have a softer side despite keeping it well hidden.

Like all the housemates, Leeroy likes to have a good time, but his main focus is work. “We’re all young people in the house and we’re going to party,” he concedes. “I’m here for the help with my career more than anything. The experiences I’ve had, they’ve taken me to the next level,” he admits.

A self-confessed ladies man, Leeroy lives for the weekend and reckons he’s slept with over 100 women. He’s not fussy either, “Skinnies or fatties, I don’t care… sex is sex , innit.” Always up for a laugh, he says he’s the clown and joker of the pack.

Highly ambitious, Leeroy has big plans for himself, “Music is my priority, but I’d like to do everything, not just music.” And that includes inspiring other people to follow their dreams.

Will The Valleys do that? “Definitely, 100%. I’m confident about that,” he says.