Liam Powell

The Valleys | Liam

Age: 26
Occupation: Works for his dad’s furniture import company
Hometown: Ystrad Mynach

Meet Valley’s nice guy Liam or Lip as he’s known to his rugby mates. The self-proclaimed “only gay in the village” loves the idea of moving to Cardiff to gain the experience and contacts to make it in the music business.


Far from a Little Britain stereotype, Liam is a rugby playing, music mad lad who made the difficult decision to come out three years ago.

His family, friends and his close-knit community have all been incredibly supportive, and in his own words he now wonders “why the f**k I left it so long.” On a more serious note, Liam really wants to use the show to inspire other gay people to feel brave enough to come out too.

Not your typical Reality TV participant, Liam’s not here for the fame, which is something of a sore point with some of the other housemates. “One of the things I argued with people in the house about was that all they cared about was fame, being on the telly and screen time,” he rants, “For me it was an opportunity to get out of the rut that I’m in.”

The “rut” that Liam wants to leave is a secure job with his family’s company. He’s determined to do something for himself, out of the shadow of his father.

With a lot of hard work he now aims to pursue a career in music, and he’s hoping The Valleys will catapult him into Ibiza DJ super stardom (Liam promises he won’t play Bryan Adams – his favourite on the turntables). He dreams of one day running his own record label and he wouldn’t say no to a career in TV presenting either!

Comparing life in the Valleys as living in a goldfish bowl where you can only see the outside world, he knows he’s taking a huge risk leaving his steady job and moving into the house.

But Liam wants to prove to his family that risks can be worth taking.