Natalee Harris

The Valleys | Natalee

Age: 23
Occupation: Call centre supervisor 
Hometown: Pontypool

Chatty, bubbly and vivacious, you’ll struggle to get a word in edgeways with this Valley girl around.


Currently a call centre worker, Natalee has dreamed of being a model since the age of 12 and although she’s extremely glamorous, she’s not your typical girlie girl, “I’m quite a ladette,” she says. “I’m honest, open and I’m not like anyone else.”

Natalee isn’t bothered about what the public may think of her, “Good press or bad press, it’s all some kind of press. There’s going to be bitchiness and more hating but on a larger scale - it doesn’t really bother me,” she laughs.

Natalee has found herself at the centre of arguments with other girls when she gets drunk on nights out. She reckons other women find her intimidating because she’s so flirty. Her boobs even have nicknames -  Phil and Grant, as they are big and bald.

Natalee says her home town is sh*t, “It’s no place to be unless you’re in an Adidas tracksuit and have no teeth!” Up until now she’s stayed in the Valleys to be close to her Nan who has now sadly passed away.

There’s nothing to keep her at home anymore and she hopes The Valleys will change her life, “There’s a massive difference from valley life to city life, I need more than valley life,” she says. “I want something better for myself, there’s nothing here.”

A little bit of money, fun and glamour wouldn’t go a miss either, but Natalee knows she’ll have to work to make it, “I hope The Valleys opens a bit of a door for me, I know I’m going to have to graft for it, but I want let everyone know what I’m about.”