Spencer Played by Andrew Morley.

Spencer has always 'had it'. Even as a child, he had a quality that turned heads and made him stand out from the crowd. He’s always been genuine and confident, alive and enthusiastic. Great at sport, he would help the less gifted with their training. He’s a man’s man and a woman’s man and both genders seek him out for advice. He’s completely sure of himself and when Spencer is around, a good time is had by all.

How Spencer has managed to keep up this positive attitude throughout his troubled life is anyone’s guess. He’s been raised by a tyrant of a father and a weak mother who never stood up to her to husband. So perhaps Spencer’s free and easy outlook on life is an over-compensation for the feelings of imprisonment he feels at home.

What Spencer didn’t count on was Maddy insisting they run away. It put him in a difficult position, whereby he felt the need to take on responsibility for her wellbeing. And should that wellbeing be compromised, Spencer will feel the burden of guilt enormously.

When things settle down in Spencer’s life and he takes up residence with Maddy in Summer Bay, we’ll see other aspects of his character emerge.

For the most part, Spencer enjoys living life to the full and reckons that the second you start taking life too seriously, you might as well be dead.