Dr Nate Cooper played by Kyle Pryor.

Doctor Nathaniel Cooper, who prefers to be called Nate, is a young man embarking on his career in Medicine. It’s all he’s ever wanted to do and he’s damn good at it.

From a working class family, Nate struggled to deal with the ongoing illness of his mother. He, along with his father and siblings, had to navigate the emotional minefield of watching the most important person in their lives slowly fade away from them. He vowed that he was going to make sure no other family would ever go through what they were going through.

So Nate threw himself into his studies, as much to cope with the family situation as to fulfill his career goal… it became his obsession and his sanity saver.

Nate’s mother passed away the day before he was accepted, against all odds, into a Medical Degree. But his family was in a dire financial situation and Nate’s ability to take up the Degree was very much in question. An academic advisor suggested he apply for a scholarship, and without really thinking about the conditions that would apply upon graduation, Nate grabbed onto the opportunity with both hands.

He studied hard, excelled academically, and never once regretted the decision he’d made, despite the long hours, the grueling workload and the constant reminder that he was very much a ‘fish out of water’ amongst the more privileged students in his year.

Nate has always been a fighter, so anything that got in his way, love, money, exhaustion, was ignored, dealt with, rejected or overcome. His ability to just keep on going, no matter what is going on in his personal life, is one of his most attractive attributes and tends to draw people to him like a moth to a flame.

So now, with the Degree behind him, and his Internship complete, Nate has been forced into taking up a position at the Northern Districts Hospital. He’d rather be in a big city facility, he longs for the adrenalin rush a busy Emergency Department provides, and he’s keen to continue his climb up the professional ladder, to a specialty and beyond…

… but he has an obligation to fulfill. And like everything in Nate’s life, he’s going to attack it to the best of his ability, with good humor and a ‘never say die’ attitude.

Will he ever come to love Summer Bay? Only time will tell. But from the minute Nate arrives, it’s obvious that his presence is going to cause a splash.