Casey Braxton Played by Lincoln Younes

Casey Braxton is the modern day Rebel Without A Cause. He doesn’t quite know what he wants from his life, but he knows that it’s not the life he has. He’s grown up never quite fitting in. At home he’s overshadowed by his two older brothers – Darryl, a charismatic surfing hero; and Heath, an aggressive, unpredictable larrikin. At school he’s struggled to keep up both academically and socially, leading him to act out in frustration and anger. The disruptive behaviour has led to constant trouble with teachers, several suspensions and, most recently, expulsion from Reefton Lakes High. All of this changes when Casey starts at Summer Bay High and meets Ruby Buckton.

Casey is an intelligent young man who stubbornly goes his own way, against whatever the odds. He’s so far resisted the social pressure to follow in his brothers’ footsteps and become a typical 'River Boy' – surfing, hooning about in cars, and hanging out in packs at Wilson’s Beach. It’s made him something of a loner, but that’s more through circumstance than choice. When Casey eventually makes friends at Summer Bay High his true personality shines through, revealing a courageous, sensitive, mischievous guy, with a sly, laconic wit. However, acceptance at Summer Bay can be seen as betrayal in Mangrove River, putting Casey in conflict with some of his brother’s River Boy mates.

Casey’s mother, Cheryl, loves all her boys extravagantly, but relates better to Darryl and Heath. She’s fiercely proud of Darryl, has a volatile relationship with Heath, yet seems happy to leave Casey to his own devices. Casey senses her ambivalence and reads it as disappointment or disapproval. The truth is that Casey reminds Cheryl of his father, Danny.

Casey is trying to get to know his father after his release from gaol.

Lincoln Younes who plays  Casey on Home and Away also Available for Irish and Uk Tour Dates 

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