Plays Kyle Braxton

Nic Westaway (born January 20 1989) grew up in Margaret River, Western Australia, with two brothers and spent his childhood sampling everything from music (piano and guitar) to sport (basketball, volleyball and surfing).

Nic's interest turned to acting in high school when he took drama classes and joined a social theatre group; he also shared the stage with his older brother in a high school play of Tim Winton’s Cloudstreet.

Nic deferred a sports science degree at UWA, but at the end of his gap year it was clear acting was the passion he wanted to dedicate his time to and moved to Perth at 19 where he auditioned for WAAPA (Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts).

After being accepted into the prestigious acting school the following year, Nic spent three years honing his acting skills and moved to Sydney in late 2011. Nic’s plane landed on New Year’s Eve and 2012 has been a standout so far with him landing the role of Kyle in May.

Nic arrives in Summer Bay as the mysterious Kyle, who is intent on watching every move of the Braxton brothers.

On his character Nic explains:

"Kyle is complex; he is tricky as he can come across as just evil and I think there is a risk he can be misunderstood. There are some moments where you see the real him but its buried so far down. What Kyle needed was love and he didn’t get it and that’s why he has turned reckless."


Outside filming Nic stills loves playing guitar, singing, sport and writing.